Name: Jerry Y.S. Lin
Affiliation: Arizona State University
Country: USA
Report Title: Intermediate Pore Zeolite Membranes for Molecular Separation and Energy Storage

Jerry Y.S. Lin is a Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University.  He was department chair of chemical engineering at ASU from 2006-2009 after his 13-year appointment as a faculty member at University of Cincinnati. He received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the US and did post-doctoral work on membranes University of Twente in the Netherlands.  Prof. Lin’s main research areas are membrane science, adsorption/catalysis, and energy storage.  He has published about 400 papers mostly in chemical engineering journals and is an inventor of 9 US and European patents and 5 pending US patents.  He has trained over 40 Ph.D.s and many post-doctors and masters students.  Prof. Lin’s research was recognized by several national awards including AIChE Institute Award for Excellence in Industrial Gas Technologies in 2009 and AIChE Gerhold Award in 2021. He is an elected Fellow of American  Society for Advancement of Science (AAAS),  American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and North American Membrane Society (NAMS).  Prof. Lin is currently co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Membrane Science and JMS Letters