Name: Jonas Hedlund
Affiliation: Luleå University of Technology
Country: Sweden
Report Title: Zeolite membranes - Insights and opportunities

Jonas Hedlund has a position as Professor in Chemical Technology with faculty support at Luleå University of Technology since 2005. He holds a MS degree in Chemical Engineering from Lund University (1994) and a PhD degree in Chemical Technology from Luleå University of Technology (1998). After defending the PhD, he worked as a Postdoctoral fellow during 3 years, at ExxonMobil in Brussels. In 2001/2002, he did a one-year Postdoc at the Catalysis research unit, University of Cape Town. His research is focused on membranes, adsorbents and catalysts with the goal to develop industrially useful materials and processes that may reduce the energy use and allow cost effective production of e.g., renewable fuels and water. Another goal is to advance the fundamental understanding of the mass transfer to facilitate further development of the materials.  During his PhD, he did pioneering work on the synthesis of ultra-thin zeolite films and studied the physical properties of the films and their applications as sensors and membranes. Later, in collaboration with researchers at ExxonMobil during the postdoctoral work, he developed the first high-flux zeolite membranes based on ultra-thin zeolite films. The membranes were successfully evaluated for xylene isomer separation. Later, he developed a new method that allows preparation of ultra-thin zeolite membranes on supports with arbitrary geometry. These membranes have been evaluated for e.g., carbon dioxide/methane separations with good results. He also carried out several fundamental works on mass transfer in zeolite membranes. It was shown that in thin zeolite membranes, the mass transfer of small gas molecules is controlled by the surface barrier. He has also studied mass transfer in zeolite membranes at cryogenic temperature for the first time. For instance, it was shown that helium can be recovered from natural gas at about 150 K using an MFI membrane. He has more than 170 papers and several patents on zeolite films, crystals and membranes. He has started two stock companies to commercialize the research.